Healthy Pregnancy Comes Easily-IVF

With AN-AN, Getting Pregnant Is Easy

The environment and facilities of AN-AN’s IVF Center have reached the highest standards required internationally. For example, the water we use must be pure, and the air used must be the cleanest to provide the perfect environment for embryo culture and increase the survival rate of embryos. From the patients' consultation space, to the pelvic examination, follicle tracking, and the final egg retrieval environments, the exclusive, comfortable, private and secure consultation environment makes patients feel comfortable and at ease.

The Professional Team that Fulfills Your Dream of Having A Baby

Led by Dr. Hsien-An Pan—a postdoctoral researcher of Harvard Medical School, member of Human Reproduction societies in the United States and Europe, Ph.D. and director of the IVF Center at National Cheng Kung University, An-An IVF Center is the most influential reproductive medicine center in southern Taiwan. Moreover, the center has introduced the most advanced assisted reproduction equipment in the world (the same as the IVF center at the University of Tokyo Hospital) to help women who are elderly or have failed to conceive repeatedly to increase the rate of embryo implantation.

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